Vlastivedné múzeum v Galante

The house of folk architecture and dwelling in Matúškovo

The House of Folk Architecture and Dwelling in Matúškovo shows the folk architecture and home culture characteristic of the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries. The was built in 1847. Its wall are made from mudbrick and it has a thatched roof. The entrance to the three-room house is through the kitchen which has an open chimney in the back part of it. From the kitchen, the front room can be accessed on the left and the rear room on the right. The exhibition of folk home culture is open to visitors since 1984. The equipment of the front room and kitchen reflects the home culture of a wealthy local peasant family. In the rear room, the equioment of wealthier farmer from Tótkomlś (Hungary) can be seen. The house, a cultural monument, is owned by the Self-governing District of Trnava. The building and the exhibition is maintained by the Homeland Museum of Galanta that is managed by the Self-governing District of Trnava.


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